Greetings, this is Sobelle Style.

We are new reviewers who collaborated to make this website. This website is our entrance into the literary world. Sobelle Style is our very first step to something even bigger.


Our goal is to share our own reviews with a larger audience outside of our group. What you are seeing now are months of hard work and editing in order to present our best selves to the world. We want to be seen by the public who are interested in what we do. That way we can gain a footing in this world and be able to look back on this site as a fond memory.

Our name came from a classmate who suggested we use our Professor's name, Professor Sobelle, in some way since she introduced the world of literary reviews to us. Our reviews were done based on our own peculiar interests as well as some recommendations from our Professor. This site is not only personal in how we created it, but personal in every single word of every one of our reviews. 

Please Enjoy!

JULIA CHIN is an editor of Sobelle Style reviews, an administrative assistant for the Gettysburg College English Department, and a staff editor of The Mercury. She adores Victorian novels, Earl Grey tea, and Oxford commas.

MIRABELLE COHEN is an intern at the Gettysburg Review, a contributor for The Cupola, and a member of the art team for Sobelle Style. Her short term goals include making a pot of coffee and finishing Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels.

GRACE CORCORAN is an editor for Sobelle Style reviews and an avid Ayn Rand fan. She loves animals/nature and writing, but particularly writing about animals and nature.

SAMANTHA COTTER is on the production team for Sobelle Style, and part of the Gettysburg College class of 2022. She enjoys writing screenplays, and reviews for the Sobelle team.

James H. Desmond is a member of the art team for Sobelle Style and a tour guide for the Gettysburg College Admissions office. He loves surfing, watches, and A Gentleman in Moscow.

PHOEBE DOSCHER is an editor for Sobelle Styles reviews. She is a junior at Gettysburg and the Magazine Editor for The Gettysburgian. She loves a good pun and The New Yorker crossword puzzles.

ANDREW GILLETT is part of the marketing team for Sobelle Style. He plays cello and enjoys when he is able to play concertos well, as well as reading and making omelettes.

JACKIE MCMAHON is an editor for Sobelle Style reviews, an Arts & Entertainment contributor for The Gettysburgian, and a member of the fiction editorial board for The Mercury. Her passions in life include reading, writing, and petting all the cats she possibly can.

ALEXI RALSTON (class of 2022) is on the art team for Sobelle Style, and she is involved in the English, theatre, and music departments at Gettysburg College. She enjoys writing music and defying your expectations.

LINDSAY RICHWINE is an editor for Sobelle Style, a writing tutor for the Gettysburg College History Department, and an archival assistant in Musselman Library’s Special Collections. She enjoys long walks, 90s rom-coms, and listening to Ella Fitzgerald. When she grows up, she would like to be Donna Sheridan.

RACHEL RUFFNER is part of the marketing team for Sobelle Style. She will graduate in 2023; her favorite genre is horror. She is an English major and plans to be a fiction author.

ABBY RUSSELL is an editor for Sobelle Style reviews. She enjoys reading, writing, watching documentaries, listening to music, and baking.

KATRINA THOMAS is part of the production team for Sobelle Style. She is part of the class 2022 at Gettysburg College and she majors in Japanese and English with a Writing concentration. She works as an assistant helper in the East Asian Department. Her favorite pastimes are reading and owning an overabundance of books.

MADDIE URBANO is an editor for Sobelle Style reviews. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and playing with her bunnies.